Saturday, December 12, 2009

About two years late

I have come to the horrible realization that I tend to be late for almost everything... not so bad when it's for that oh so wonderful job as a paper slave to a cleaning company... in the grand scheme of things that I can forgive... but there are things one should never be late for example include:
1. The Libertines... (I was about two years late for that band, Pete was a far gone junkie by the time I cottoned on)
2. I was late for peanut butter M'n'M's (those things are genius in a packet)
3. Scrunchies (never try to wear anything hideously 80's in the 90's it always results in social pain)
4. Freaking tickets to Animal collective, big day out and probably next years splendour in the grass
5. and now the whole existence of 696 gallery.
Last night I went to what I found out to be the closing of the gallery 696 on Sydney Road in Melbourne which was packed for the last time to the point under arm hair was unavoidable and disco pashes were rife in the air (I blame it on the pheromones...). Melbourne herald out a galley pack with some of the best artist south of the boarder with a tear, free beer and wine out of a silver pillow. If you weren't there... too bad ... would try and comfort you with the words that there will be next time but this time it turns out that's all she wrote...

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